iWork Converter Manual

iWork Converter can facilitate the conversion of iWork file format to Microsoft Office format and pdf format.


Converting iWork files

When iWork Converter receives the files, it will invoke iWork and open the files successively and then convert them into the desired format.

The appropriate iWork software, such as Pages, Numbers or Keynote, must be installed before performing the conversion.

Processing output files

When the conversion process is complete, iWork Converter will show the result of the conversion, and you can:

Conversion report

When an error occurs in the process of conversion, the cause of the error will be displayed.

Supported file formats

Supported input file formats:

Supported output file formats:


Click "Prefernces" button to enter the Setup screen.

Settings view


After purchasing this product and receiving a registration code, you can click the "Register" button on the tool bar to register. Please contact us if you have any problem in registration.

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