The Story of iWorkConverter

Since 2014, I started using Mac Book in our office. I felt an extremely friendly user experience on Mac OS. After a few months I completely drop my Windows laptop, and turned over all my work into Mac.

Then I encountered a huge problem, which was a document compatibility issue. Mac has its own document editor, PPT creator, and Spreadsheet application. They are Pages, Numbers and Keynote. The document of Pages cannot open in Microsoft Word, and the same thing happened on Numbers and Excel, Keynote and PowerPoint.

Every time I want to send documents to my partner, I have to manually export a docx format document, otherwise they will be unable to open the document I send. It was very inconvenient, because I like to use Pages more than Word. So I did some research to find the best way to automatically convert Pages document to Word. 

First I found a lot of online document conversion websites, such as If you upload your Pages document, they can convert it to Word format. After I tried, I found that is was not a good fit for me. The primary reasons are:

  1. Privacy is very important for our documents, I cannot upload the finance documents, plan or design documents to cloud service.
  2. The website can only convert 1 document at a time, not batch conversion.

Someone from a forum suggested that I can write an Apple scripts to perform document conversion automatically, but I didn’t try it because some scripts seemed to have failed on current OS version.

As a software developers, my team and I realized maybe we can develop an App to solve this problem. The app can perform conversion on your local device, you don’t need to upload your document. We hope the app can automatically convert Pages to docx, and also convert Numbers document to Xls, Keynote document to Ppt.

That is the story of iWorkConverter, we launched the app in 2014. With the app, you can batch convert .pages document to .doc just on your Mac. We have constantly updated iWorkConverter from 2014 till now. We fixed many issues that users have discovered while converting documents. The users gave us a lot of help in creating this app.

One thought on “The Story of iWorkConverter

  1. All I can say is Thank You for your work. I am a special education teacher here in the states and, while I prefer to use the iWork suite, the reality is that its an Office world.
    Your app has saved me an immeasurable amount of time and allowed me the flexibility to work on the platform I prefer. Love that its drag-and-drop, love that it does one thing and does it well and I love that “it just works.”

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