How to Automatic Convert Pages to PDF Files in a Single Click

Introduction: Why Convert Pages to PDFs?

PDFs are an easy way to share documents, as they can be viewed on any computer. PDF files are also very secure and can be password-protected.

PDFs have become the standard for most organizations, as they are a universal document format that is compatible with all operating systems and devices.

How To Convert Pages To PDFs In A Single Click

The most common way to convert a page to PDF is by using the Print Screen button on your keyboard. You can also use the macOS built-in tool, Preview, to convert pages to PDFs.

The second way is by using an online service that converts web pages into PDFs. One of these services is called

The third way is by downloading a free program onto your Mac and converting them on your own Mac with the help of that program.

The Best Tools for Converting iWork Files To PDFs

iWorkConverter is a comprehensive and professional application for converting iWork files to PDFs. It is an all-in-one solution to convert various types of documents, including PDF, Word, PowerPoint and Excel files.

The features of this app are:

1) Batch conversion. You can convert multiple iWork files to PDFs at the same time and save your time greatly;

2) Privacy protection. The converted file will not upload to cloud so you can keep your personal data private;

3) Automatic conversion. This app will convert the iWork file to PDFs automatically without requiring any operation from you; ( You have to install iWork suite on your Mac )

4) Convert on local Mac. If you want

Watch the online video demo of iWork Converter

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