iWork Converter is now supported with M1 Mac

Hello everyone, we have a great news to share. iWork Converter is now supported with M1 Mac. 

For those new to this blog, iWork Converter is an application for MacBook which converts iWork documents (Pages, Numbers and Keynote) files to MS Office documents (Word, Excel and PowerPoint files).

We have come a long way since we first started in 2014 and Oh! What a journey this is turning out to be!  We are inspired by the continuous support we have been receiving from our user base and it drives us further to work harder, to enable you, bring you latest updates, support upcoming platforms, and have positive impact on your lives. We continuously strive to save your time, make your experience rich, efficient, productive, and simple. As a step further in this direction, it was only imperative of us to support iWork Converter on the new Apple MacBook Air M1!

Apple has been making groundbreaking improvements in the performance, battery life, support, connectivity, and many other aspects of MacBook. Some of the important features of Macbook Air M1 include the following:

  • 2.8x improvement in processing performance
  • 5x increase in graphics performance
  • 11x faster Machine Learning performance
  • Up to 20 hrs. battery backup
  • Biggest collection of applications till date
  • High capacity and high-performance unified memory, and storage memory
  • Advanced security and privacy features
  • Better quality display, camera, and microphone array
  • Better Wi-Fi and thunderbolt connectivity

If you have migrated or plan to migrate to M1 Mac, rest assured that your document conversion experience is about to get even smoother and seamless. 

While you migrate to a more powerful machine, we have worked to provide you an even snappier, smoother, easier, and highly robust interface to handle your document conversion. What you see on the screen remains the same, but we paddle harder on the inside providing you even faster document conversion. Utilize this saved time with your friends and family; let us handle the mundane conversion tasks. 

Simple and intuitive 

Drag and drop files in the iWork Converter window and the application will take care of conversion and storing the converted files


Save time, avoid repetition, operate on multiple files with the same application at the same time. The application will take care of saving the output files in different formats.


Since the conversion happens offline you need not stay connected to the internet


The application is installed locally, there is no need to upload the documents on the cloud and risk document theft.

What me mentioned above is just a glimpse of what the application does. Try it to experience the richness of the application and conversion. 

We will continue working on the iWork Converter to bring you latest and greatest features and support upcoming platforms in the future. Keep showering love on our application and we will return the love through our work. For more details about the application visit tyorex.com or reach out to us at support@tyorex.com.

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